Who is Kate?


First of all, I want to personally thank each and every visitor! I didn’t set this blog up to portray a flashy image of myself, I personally am a fan of simplistic expressions. I believe that keeping things simple solves so many problems that people create, trying to over-complicate things. Once you begin following me as someone who you trust to teach, you will start to understand why my formula of keeping things simplistic is so powerful!

My name is Caitlin Ramos, I was born in Mississippi in 1982 and grew up around Garden City, New York. I’m a full time Internet Marketer for a living, learning-freak, engaged with no children, but currently trying! I have been studying Internet Marketing since I graduated high school, I entered college without a real passion for my degree and ended up dropping out after my second semester. Dropping out also meant losing a place to stay, so I ended up moving back in with my mother much sooner than expected. This turned out to be the happening in my life that changed everything.

I stumbled into Internet Marketing while living with my mom and decided it was something I would give my all for. I believed nearly everything I read about Internet Marketing as a whole, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Offline Marketing, I literally studied night and day, just consuming information. After I studied nearly every nick and cranny of free information, I got my start in Offline Marketing. Now this is usually where most peoples story gets all wild and crazy, they failed miserably, lost thousands of dollars, lost their pride, got kicked while they were down, got back up, got a crazy idea one day and there bank accounts blew up.

Well for me, my story isn’t as ‘edge-of-the-seat’ as most people claim their story is. I actually started off great, simply because I had a insurmountable pool of information, and a drive that could get me to the moon. My very first few days into this Internet Marketing world, I started off by cold calling and cold walking around my neighborhood. Fear was non-existent from Day 1, and that is the real reason why I think I’ve been such a success and able to run this business by myself for so long. My first 6 months of being an Internet Marketing, I had worked up enough business to have a full-time income coming in each month just from clients.

I signed on my very first client four years ago and haven’t looked back since. Today, my actual number of clients have gotten lower than the beginning years of this business, simply because I’ve broken free of feeling like I “need” a certain client. You may have this feeling for years, and it’s not even about how much money you make or how many clients you have, it’s about understanding the fact that we are literally doing these people a favor, with the business-changing services we offer and the insanely reasonable pricing, small businesses need us SO much more than you think. It took me a couple years for me to start getting that bold confidence to go after exactly WHO I wanted, instead of trying to please every prospect I come in contact with.

If you are at this page because you are still looking for someone to show you the light, someone to actually believe in, then you are at the right place for the right purpose. My goal on the Warrior Forum is to bring an entire new standard out as far as caring for customers.  I only recently discovered the Warrior Forum a few months ago, but my time on the forum, I’ve purchased a slew of “Warrior Special Offers” as a part of my constant research and the thing I am most disappointed in is the support or lack thereof offered by product creators. With everything I’ve learned over the years about this business, I truly feel it’s time to help others finally “get” it and hopefully I can be the reason for a life change in many of my customers.

I’ve got a load of great information to share with the world, and I’ve been dying to start writing a real book about my experience with this business but since I’ve found the WF, I’ve been on a mission to deliver the best to this amazing community. I want to offer this community more support than it has ever seen, so if there are any questions, comments, suggestions or ANYTHING at all, I am always free to speak with those who want to reach out to me.

Please join my movement and allow me to teach you the right way to earn money from home, either Offline or with CPA Marketing, I’m your go-to girl! Join my list HERE to follow me and learn from someone who WALKS THE WALK! Reach out to me for anything at kateramoswso@gmail.com and you have my word that I will respond to EVERY email I receive, unlike many product creators I’ve done business with over the past few months on the Warrior. My objective is to help as many people as I can, finally start making money ON or OFFLINE. I truly believe what I have to teach will get you there.

Much success and blessings,

Kate Ramos